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I love being involved in education because I am always learning something new and exciting. I have been teaching and helping students for over 25 years with computer applications and keyboarding classes. Before computers, I helped students learn how to use dedicated word processors. It was a long time ago! Currently, I work at MiraCosta College, a community college in California, where I teach computer applications for the Computer Applications Department and keyboarding classes for the Business Office Technology Department. I teach one- and two-day computer courses through Community Services, and work as an Instructional Assistant II for the Academic Information Services Department. I’ve been enjoying my jobs at MiraCosta for over 20 years! Prior to MiraCosta, I worked at Eldorado Business College teaching word processing and business courses. And, for about 15 years I’ve been teaching online courses (PowerPoint 2010, 2007, & 2003, and Keyboarding) through Education to Go, a division of Cengage Learning. I find teaching and learning online an awarding experience. I enjoy reading, learning, traveling, and spending time with my family. Kathy

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New Keyboarding Class

ed2go is pleased to announce a major update to an instructor-led online course designed to help students improve their keyboarding speed and accuracy. This course is popular with students seeking careers in health care, office management, and related fields.

This course has been fully revised to allow students to use the latest keyboarding software, Keyboarding Pro 5. The title and price for this course will remain the same.


Instructor: Kathy Van Pelt

Description: Students will learn how to touch-type or improve their existing typing skills using Keyboarding Pro 5. By the end of the course, they will know how to touch-type the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys; create, save, and edit word processing documents; and successfully take a timed writing test during a job interview.

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April Web Site/WordPress Classes

Need help creating a Web site? Want to create one along with a blog with WordPress? Listed below are some good options. You can still enroll in these six-week classes that started Wednesday, April 20. The next session start Wednesday, May 18.

Have fun!



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Web Host Options

Looking for a Web host?

You have a few options. For a Web site and WordPress.org blog combo,  I suggest Network Solutions. If you want just a WordPress.org blog, they can host it without the Web site. In this case the blog will be your Web site, and you’ll pay less money for this option.

If you want a free blog, try WordPress.com or Blogger.com. You don’t need a web host for WordPress.com or Blogger (owned by Google). I find Blogger easier to use than WordPress. For you ladies out there, check out Blog Her, whose mission is “to create opportunities for women who blog to gain exposure, education, community and economic empowerment.” (http://www.blogher.com/our-vision)

Hope this helps!


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New PowerPoint Web Page

I’m so pleased with the Web page I created for my PowerPoint-in-a-Day class for tomorrow:


Many more to make with this format!

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Creating a Favicon

One of my students asked how to create a favicon for his Web site, and I thought I would share the answer with you.

A favicon is the icon you see before a Web site address in the address bar of your browser. Here’s the one I created today for my 2EducateYou blog:

There a few ways to create a favicon:

  1. Build one from scratch with a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements.You’ll need to create a file that is 16 x 16 pixels and save it as an icon. I used Adobe Photoshop Elements, which is similar to PhotoShop, but much cheaper! It has all the features I need in a graphics program. In fact, it has way more than I need! If you have access to one of the PhotoShop products, use these directions from Tutorials by Jennifer to build your favicon.
  2. Use a Web site tool.I found the Favicon.cc Web site easy to use. You simply choose a color for your icon, then click on the squares to apply your color and build your favicon.

    Another handy Web site is FavIcon from Pics. If you have a company logo, this Web site can create your favicon from your logo. Pretty slick! I tested it with a graphic I created in PhotoShop Elements, and it worked great. Also try DynamicDrive, which does the same thing.

    While many of you will find this option easier, using a graphics program may give you a nicer looking favicon. I tried both methods, and found the graphics approach more difficult, but I liked the icon much better.

After saving your favicon, you’ll need to upload it to your Web hosting company. FTP is one method of transferring files from your computer to your hosting company. Each Web hosting company has its own set of rules which you’ll need to get familiar with so you can transfer your files to them. Network Solutions has three FTP options! If you’re using a  template from your hosting site, you’ll need to ask them which folder to upload your favicon to. If you’re using Network Solutions, you’ll upload to the htdocs folder.

You may also need to add this html code between the beginning and ending HEAD tags in your Web pages:

<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/favicon.ico">

although I found I didn’t have to do this for a WordPress blog.

Good luck!

Kathy Van Pelt


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Web 2.0 Class

I’m taking a Web 2.0: Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts class and learning so much!

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New to Windows 7?

New to Windows 7?  Check out this video for a overview of the new features:

Getting around your Windows 7 desktop

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Web-ready photos

A student asked me recently how to make photos web-ready.

You’ll need to use a photo editing program to get your photos web-ready. If you have access to PhotoShop, you might find the information at these links helpful:



Here’s another link with more options that you might like if you don’t have PhotoShop installed on your computer. This article explains how to make photos web-ready with a variety of programs including PhotoShop Elements and Microsoft Photo Editor. Microsoft Photo Editor is probably the most basic and easiest to use for a beginner:


Hope this helps!


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Looking for combo WordPress theme and Web site theme

Still in the process of building my Web site. I have tried using many of the Network Solution themes, but they just don’t seem to work for me. I feel I can create the Web site quicker using a program like Kompozer. (I wish I knew more about Dreamweaver!) Part of my dilemma is that I want my blog to blend with my Web site. I’ve played around with some of the WordPress themes, but haven’t found one I like yet.

I wish I could find a template package that includes a matching Web site/WordPress theme. I’ve read tutorials on how to create a WP theme from a Web page, so I would think a package like this would be available somewhere. If NS is offering a Web site/WP hosting package, why don’t they off a template package as well?

I really like how Lisa created her Web site (http://www.2createawebsite.com/index.html) and blog (http://blog.2createawebsite.com/create-a-website/) to match so well.

Any suggestions?

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