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Vegan CBD Brownies

Cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere these days. You can find it infused into soaps, lotions, and muscle rubs, but you can also cook foods and mix up beverages that include CBD. Try these Vegan CBD Brownies for a unique way to enjoy a treat and wind down from a stressful day at the same time! Don’t they look delish? 

Get organic CBD with 0% THC, all paired with powerful Young Living™ essential oils from your own Young Living account. I love the CBD Joint and Muscle Rub. 

Kathy Van Pelt
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CBD Customization Kit

Do you want to customize your CBD experience to your specific needs? Getting started with Young Living Essential Oils has never been easier. Young Living offers a membership discount when you purchase one of their lifestyle starter kits. The Premium Starter Kit contains 12 oils, all of which contain terpenes that enhance the effect of the CBD Isolate.
The starter kit also contains a diffuser, Thieves hand purifier, samples of the antioxidant juice drink, Ningxia Red, and comes with a 24% discount on all future purchases. These kits are more than 1/2 off retail and you will receive the support of me and my team, and much more! Whether you just want to customize your CBD experience, or you’re ready to make some major lifestyle changes, these kits are the perfect way to start.
Questions? Let’s chat!
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Cleaning without Toxins Guide

There’s no place like home-a clean home, that is. When you prepare for family and friends to visit and when you tidy up for yourself, we want you to be confident in the cleaning products you use.

Toxins in cleaning products

According to the American Lung Association, the ingredients in some household cleaning products can cause health problems like headaches, irritation of the eyes and throat, respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and maybe even cancer.

Some product may release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These gases come from paint, air fresheners, gasoline, tobacco smoke, wood-burning stoves, and a handful of household cleaners and disinfectants. Research shows that some VOCs can irritate eyes, nose, and throat; create difficulty breathing and nausea; and cause harm to the central nervous system and other organs.

Products that can include VOCs and toxic substances include:*

  • Aerosol sprays
  • Oven and appliance cleaners
  • Air fresheners
  • Dishwashing liquid and detergent
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaners
  • Bleach

*This is not a complete list.

How do you clean without toxic chemicals?

Avoiding harsh chemicals in your cleaning supplies starts with reading labels. It is also recommended that, if you hire an oven cleaning service in East Grinstead or other professionals to do the cleaning for you, they use products with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fragrances, or irritants. Your best bet? Find natural cleaning products made with plant-based formulas.

Join the trend and start tidying up! Grab your cleaning products, check their labels, and get cleaning with only the best of the best!

What are the best natural cleaning products?

Making the switch to toxin-free cleaning products is easier than you think! Use household ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar with Young Living products to create cleaners you’re ready to use around tiny humans, cute creatures, and your favorite family members. In some cases however, such as pest extermination, the use of harsh chemicals may become necessary. Professionals like those at https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/pennsylvania/ often carry their own cleaning/extermination products and equipment. But the next time you call them in, you could enquire about the cleaners and chemicals they use to see if alternatives can be found.

Thieves Household Cleaner

Thieves Household Cleaner

Thieves Household Cleaner to the rescue! Once you start cleaning with Mother Nature’s best, you won’t look back. No more dealing with nasty chemicals that irritate your skin or harsh scents that sting your nose. This highly concentrated, versatile product produces results you’ll love for everything from simple wipe downs to heavy degreasing. Bonus: It’s made with plant materials and is great for the whole family!

Since you know that checking your labels is vital to a safe, happy home, take a look at Thieves Household Cleaner. In addition to essential oils, this cleaning superstar includes sodium methyl 2-sulfolaurate and disodium 2-sulfolaurate. Both are natural, plant-based surfactants that provide excellent detergency and make Thieves Household Cleaner biodegradable.

Reach for Thieves Household Cleaner when cleaning bathrooms, conquering your kitchen, and getting creative on cleaning day; then fall in love with the entire Thieves line, including the hand soap, dishwasher powder, and dental floss.

Essential oils for natural cleaning

Jazz up any natural cleaning product with our not-so-secret secret ingredient: essential oils!

Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil

Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil

When cleaning, it’s best to start by tackling the most undesirable areas. Grab your bottle of Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil and head to the bathrooms and garbage cans. A few drops added to your cleaning solution or a soaked cotton ball stashed under your garbage bag will work wonders. Unwanted smells will be gone faster than you can get through your groovy cleaning playlist.

Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend

You know we’re serious about cleaning with an oil when it’s included in our Thieves Home Cleaning Kit. After you’ve added Citrus Fresh essential oil blend to your diffuser, sprayed it in every guest room, and added it to your floor cleaner and window cleaning solution, visitors will be begging to know the secret to your “Here comes the sun” scent.

Purification essential oil blend

Purification essential oil blend

Combine some cleaning powerhouses and use Purification essential oil blend! It’s a mix of Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle, and Tea Tree, so you know it means business. This EO blend will be your new sidekick as you get rid of lingering smells after game night, at-home workouts, and play dates.

Tea Tree essential oil

Use the champion of odor elimination the next time you get to scrubbing: Tea Tree essential oil! There’s a myriad of ways we recommend using it-to banish stale odors, as a linen spray and room air freshener, or combined with household cleaners. Our favorite? Revamp musty clothes left in the wash by adding Tea Tree to your laundry soap and restarting your cycle.

Lemon essential oil

After cleaning with harsh chemicals, you’ll be tempted to light a candle to cover the scent. Not if you clean with Thieves and Lemon essential oil! Add it to any spray bottle or cleaner and you’ll ditch your candles in no time! Bonus uses: When added to your dishwasher, Lemon delivers a spot-free rinse. When added to sticky residue, Lemon leaves behind a gummy-free surface.

YL tip: Most citrus oils like Orange, Lime, and Grapefruit elevate your household cleaners. They’re fantastic at fighting grease and smell great doing it!

Lemongrass essential oil

Lemongrass essential oil

Like Lemon, Lemongrass essential oil works to brighten any area. However, it’s got another magic trick up its sleeve: Use it as an outdoor spray to clean outdoor furniture and areas. The sunshiney-smelling spray will be your go-to after swim days and BBQ nights.

Cinnamon Bark essential oil

Cinnamon Bark essential oil

Lean into the fall-inspired aroma you find in Thieves Household Cleaner when you use Cinnamon Bark essential oil. After you’ve channeled Julia Child and whipped up a masterpiece in the kitchen, add a drop or two of this nostalgic fragrance to a sink full of soapy dishes. This warm, comforting scent is the opposite of the bracing aroma you get from harsh chemicals.

Cleaning ideas to make your house shine

Ready to take the rest of your house from so-so to shiny? Get more tips here:

Put your new cleaning knowledge to good use: Make the dirtiest spots in your house sparkle and freshen up your home!

Which essential oil listed above are you most eager to add to your cleaning day? I like to add Purification to my laundry detergent when I wash my clothes.

Kathy Van Pelt

[Blog post copied with permission from Young Living Lavender Blog]

Microsoft Office

PowerPoint 2010 – Borders Button on Table Tools Design Tab

If you’d like to change a table’s borders in PowerPoint 2010, use the Borders button in the Table Styles group on the Table Tools Design tab as shown here:

PowerPoint 2010 Borders button - maximized view
 PowerPoint 2010 Borders button – maximized window

The above example is a screen shot from my wide-screen monitor. A smaller screen or one that is not maximized or one with a lower resolution might look like the example below. The Borders button is still present, but the word Borders does not display.

PowerPoint 2010 Borders button on low resolution monitor or resized PowerPoint window
 PowerPoint 2010 Borders button on low resolution monitor or resized PowerPoint window

Hope this helps!



Formatting Numbers with the General Format in Excel 2010

Notice in the example below that cells cells B2 through F2 are formatted as dates. You can verify the formatting of a cell by clicking the cell and looking at the Number Format box in the Number group on the Home tab in Excel. In the example, find the word Date in the Number Format box.

Cells B2 through F2 formatted with the Date format in Excel
Cells B2 through F2 formatted with the Date format in Excel

To change the format of the numbers (yes, dates are numbers to Excel), select cells B2 through F2; click the down arrow in the Number Format box and choose the desired format. To choose a number without any special formatting (no dollar sign or decimal places, for example), choose General as shown in the example below.

Choosing General Number Format in Excel
 Choosing the General Number Format in Excel

After formatting the numbers with the General format, your numbers will look like this:

Numbers formatted with the General format in Excel
Numbers formatted with the General format in Excel

Notice that the newly formatted numbers in cells B2 through F2 are right-aligned in each cell. Right alignment is the default format for numbers. Numbers formatted with the General format have no decimal places, commas, or dollar sign.

Have an MS Office question? Post it at my 2educateyou website or Facebook page. 



Essential Oils, Young Living

Get Your Oil On

The best way to get started with essential oils is to become a Young Living member by purchasing one of the Premium Starter Kits. With your membership, you’ll save 24% off the retail price of Young Living’s products, and can save more with the monthly promotions. You can get your online membership here today. Oils with a diffuser is a good way to get started on your wellness journey and is the most popular option. You’ll get a chance to choose one of the diffusers shown in the image below. Or, other wellness options include the NingXia Red Kit, the Thieves Kit, or the Savvy Minerals Makeup Kit. Regardless of the Kit you choose, I’m here to educate and help you along the way, and I’d like to offer you a FREE and easy online essential oils class. There are no quizzes or final exam…just fun stuff to learn. Get your Oil on and have some FUN!

All the Young Living Premium Starter Kids


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My Wellness Journey

I’ve had so much fun teaching the past 30 plus years, I’ve decided to expand my horizons and teach something new. I enjoy doing research and learning new things, so learning about the wellness benefits of essential oils has been fun.

What are the wellness benefits of oils? There are many, depending on the person and need. I find that diffusing Cedarwood, Lavender, Vetiver, and Valor oils in the evening helps me (and hubby) sleep. Sometimes I’ll change it up and diffuser Harmony, Peace and Calming, or Stress Away. Here’s a peak at my sleepy blend…

Image of diffuser and four oils

A few other favorite products of mine are AgilEase for joint support; Super Calc Plus as a bone health supplement; Immupro for sleep and immune support; and Thieves Cough Drops for a cough, sore throat, or stuffy nose. These are the BEST! I take the AgilEase and Super Calc Plus daily and the Immupro and Thieves Cough Drops as needed.

There’s so much more I can share about what I have learned and what I love. Head over to my OilyThingsEssential website for my free online essential oils class full of fun info and no exams! You’ll find my Blog there. More good stuff to come!

Get started on your wellness journey with a Premium Starter Kit today!