Keyboarding Student Evaluations

      • I am pleased to say that I have truly enjoyed the course/class and have successfully completed it!!!! Yaaay!!!! I can say that the goals I set out to obtain, I have done so. Yes, Ms. Kathy…your superb instructing skills are A+. You’ve helped to break my habits : ). Thank you once again for your kindness and patience with all of our many confusions and multi questions….You’re the greatest!!!!!! 
      • Excellently organized, good program, and excellent instructor. This course was so convenient and met my needs perfectly!
      • I enjoyed the course & felt Kathy did a great job. Her choice of software was excellent. It was easy to comprehend and I will continue to increase my speed. Well worth the time.
      • I really enjoyed this course. Even though I have typed for years, it is always good to go back to the basics to correct bad habits. I like the software and I loved the course.
      • I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and now feel I am well on my way to typing, as opposed to the hunt and peck I have always done. Thank you so very much.
      • Thank you, this course helped me with my busy life style. With a husband, kids and a fulltime job this was very convenient for me. I would print a lesson and take the kids to their afterschool sports and was able to keep up with school work and my family life. I would recommend an on line course to all those busy mothers out there.
      • This course was perfect! I can finally type! Being proficient at typing will enable me to take more advanced computer courses. I have been severely handicapped by my poor typing abilities until now. Thank you very much for providing such a useful tool.
      • Kathy, thank you for teaching this course. Your tips, resources and study materials were very helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve accuracy and/or speed. This course and the program software is designed for both. For anyone who wishes to type from reading materials without looking at the fingers, then I would suggest taking this course. This course really works! From the first lesson and after many years, I broke that habit. I had fun learning. I will never look at my fingers again! Take the course. It’s worth every dollar.
      • The instructor taught a very well written and organized course. She was very encouraging every step of the way and willing to share her knowledge of the subject matter from past experience. Her emphasis on patience and diligence made me realize that mastering keyboarding continues even after the six week course as long as one has a good foundation. She definitely provided me with an excellent foundation by offering an excellent course.
      • I took typing in high school many years ago. I took this class to help me break old bad habits and to help myself build speed and accuracy for my new job, as well as learn the numeric and symbol keys. I started this class with an average typing speed of 45 gwam and finished the class by averaging 65 gwam. I will continue to use Keyboarding Pro to help become an even faster, more efficient typist. I am so glad I decided to take this course. It made a big difference for me.
      • Kathy Van Pelt is a very dynamic instructor who is apparently highly skilled and knowledgeable in the area. I felt like I was sitting in the classroom while reading her lessons. She quickly and appropriately responded to questions in such a way that did not make me feel silly, especially when the answer to my question was extensively discussed in a previous lesson! I would definitely recommend her and the keyboarding class to others.

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