CSIT 110 – Computer Applications – Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac

Computer Applications

This course provides an in-depth, hands-on introduction to computer applications and fundamentals. Topics include computer concepts, the operating system, and word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and Web browser applications. The course emphasizes applied computer applications skills and techniques, computer concepts and ethical considerations, and the use of computer applications as integrated
tools to perform professional-level analyses. (Formerly CIS 100.)

UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for CSIT 110 or CSIT 120.

CSIT110 Spring 2014 Section 2269 Syllabus

Subject: CSIT

Units: 3

Instructor information about this course

Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard

LMS link: https://blackboard.miracosta.edu

Course start page: http://blackboard.miracosta.edu/

Course email: kvanpelt@miracosta.edu

Office: Online

Office hours: Online

Phone: (760) 944-4449 x 8968

Instructor notes: This section of CSIT is an online course covering Office 2011 for the Mac (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), MAC OS X, Safari, and FileMaker Pro 11 (free 30-day trial version). The instructor uses Blackboard as a course management tool. In Blackboard, you can download or view your syllabus, get your weekly assignments, get your grades, and more. Please verify that you have a current email saved with your SURF account, as instructor will contact you through Blackboard with the email address attached to your SURF account.

Required Operating System and Software: MAC OS X, Safari, Microsoft Office 2011 for the MAC (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), FileMaker Pro 12 (trial version)

Course Materials:

  • Office 2011 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual,Grover, ISBN 978-1-4493-9335-9
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard Quick Reference Guide

If you have questions before the class start date, please email the instructor at kvanpelt@miracosta.edu

Computer Studies and Information Technology