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Which iPad Do I Buy?

I need help! Which iPad do I buy? This is my first purchase, and I’m buying it for my husband. I have an HTC Incredible 2 smart phone; a Galaxy Tablet with 3G, which I love. My husband has a smart phone. We share at home a MacBookPro laptop and a few PCs. I use all these gadgets for personal and business use. My husband’s use of the iPad will be personal. Of course, I’ll play with it too!

I understand that the iPad 2s is $100 cheaper than the New iPads; and that the difference between the Wi-Fi-only models and 3G/4G iPads is $129. I’ve never owned any iPad or tablet, but I feel I can do well with a second hand ipad. I’m sure my husband would be using the iPad mostly at home with our Wi-Fi access; so I’m not sure how important 3G or 4G is. For those of you with Wi-Fi devices, do you wish you had 3G?

I just found out today that Verizon does not charge a fee to turn on the Mobile Hotspot feature on my Galaxy Tab, so we could use it to provide Internet access to the iPad when there’s no Wi-Fi available. Of course, I’ll have to pay a data usage fee, but I don’t think it’ll be more than what I’m already paying on the tablet since I’ve only been using about 20% of my monthly 1 GB of data. (I wish I had known this before…there were times when I paid for Internet access while on vacation, when I could have used the tablet as a Mobile Hotspot for my laptop’s Internet access.)

So, let’s talk about the options. Do I get a 16 or 32 GB device? For a new user, perhaps 16 GB is enough, which would be $399 for the iPad 2. Next, is it worth it to pay $129 more for the Wi-Fi & 3G combo when we could use the Galaxy’s Hotspot feature when Wi-Fi isn’t available? I guess it’s about convenience because there will be times when the hubby might need the 3G and the tablet’s not available. So, if we’re going for the 16 GB with Wi-Fi & 3G, it is worth another $100 to go with the new iPad? The 3G and 4G devices have GPS, while the Wi-Fi devices don’t. The screen resolution on the new iPad is supposed to be better than HD, which might be important to my husband. Oh, decisions, decisions.

What do ya think!


iPad 2

16 GB Wi-Fi
32 GB Wi-Fi $499
64 GB Wi-Fi $599
16 GB Wi-Fi & 3G/Verizon $529
32 GB Wi-Fi & 3G/Verizon/Verizon $629
64 GB Wi-Fi & 3G/Verizon $729

New iPad

16 GB Wi-Fi $499
64 GB Wi-Fi $699
16 GB Wi-Fi & 4G/Verizon $629
32 GB Wi-Fi & 4G/Verizon/Verizon $729
64 GB Wi-Fi & 4G/Verizon $829



2 thoughts on “Which iPad Do I Buy?”

  1. It’s the new iPad that has the retina display. Funny name…I’m sure people will eventually call it the iPad 3. The GB is the storage space. If one downloads a lot of movies, pictures, or games onto the device, they’d probably need more than 16 GB. I figure movies can be removed after they are watched, or they could be rented from the device.

  2. I would definatly say the iPad two. I hear the screen has an amazing retina display and is easier to see and read. The first iPad people said that it looked fuzzy after a while. As for the gig size what will he be using it for?

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