What are you learning today?

I love being involved in education…learning and teaching. Every day I’m learning something new to expand my mind and pass on to others.

I haven’t taken marketing classes, so I decided to enroll in Marketing Your Business on the Interneticon. In this six-week online class, I will learn how to market my business on the Internet, even on a budget.

Now that I have a domain name and web host, I’m looking forward to learning more about establishing an Internet presence and building an online brand identity. I am sure I have made some mistakes up to this point! An important part of this is learning how search engine optimization (SEO) works and how to track my site’s performance using Web analytics.

I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of online advertising, email marketing, and social media from the instructor, who is a Web development expert specializing in marketing, user experience, and e-commerce. Hopefully, I’ll be passing on some tips to you!

Well that’s what I’ll be learning over the next six weeks. How about you?



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