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Where is the More button on the Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Ribbon?

A student asked me the other day where to find the WordArt More button on the PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon.

The More button certainly can be difficult to find if you’ve never used it. When you’re creating or editing a WordArt object in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, you’ll find the More button on the WordArt Styles group (which is on the Drawing Tools Format contextual tab). Here’s an example of the WordArt Styles group on the PowerPoint 2010 Ribbon (with the default Office theme):


WordArt Styles group
WordArt Styles Group on the PowerPoint 2010 Ribbon

In this example, you can see three WordArt styles. Next to the three WordArt styles are three buttons which you may use to scroll through the various WordArt styles…one with an up arrow; one with a down arrow; and another with a down arrow with a horizontal line above it. I refer to the up arrow as the Previous Row button, the down arrow as the Next Row button, and the bottom button is the More button.

Clicking the Next Row button displays the next three WordArt styles available. Clicking Previous Row displays the three previous WordArt styles. And clicking More displays all the WordArt styles as shown below:


WordArt styles
All WordArt Styles

The PowerPoint theme determines the WordArt styles; so if you’re using a theme other than the default Office theme, your WordArt styles will look different from the above examples.

The More button is also found on the Microsoft Word Ribbon, always grouped with the Previous and Next Row buttons, when there are more styles to view. For example, here an example of the Styles group on the Home tab on the Word 2010 Ribbon:

Styles group on Word Ribbon
Styles group on Word 2010 Ribbon

In the example, you can see 8 of the 16 available styles. To see the next 8 styles, you’d click the Next Row button; and to see all the styles, you’d click the More button.  Here’s an example of all the Word styles available you’d see when clicking the More button in the Styles group:

All Word styles
All Styles available on the Styles Group

If you need further clarification, please let me know!



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